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Expert Tips for the Perfect Turkey

You might cook turkey once a year, which makes it pretty difficult to become an expert! Cotton Culinary’s Wade Schindler cooks a few more than you do, so we asked him for some tips on roasting the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving.

1. Thaw it out: If you’re buying a frozen bird (and there’s really not that much difference in taste between frozen and fresh), allow 24 hours of thawing at 40 degrees for every 4-5 pounds of meat.

2. Brine it: Let’s face it, turkey is a pretty dry meat. Brining may sound daunting, but if you want the best-tasting, juiciest turkey on the block, you’re going to need to add some salt and whatever spices sound good to you.

3. Stuff it with aromatics: Don’t risk food poisoning your family by cooking the stuffing inside the turkey. You can add flavor to a turkey and the gravy by putting some aromatics in it. Onions, carrots, celery and some herbs are great, just throw them out when the turkey is done.

4. Let it rest: Finally, make sure you give the turkey some time...


Let Cotton Culinary Cater Your Holiday Event

What’s lurking around October’s dark corners? The holidays! And along with them comes tons of events, planning and details.

Now, take a deep breath. Cotton Culinary is here to save you from the clutches of your holiday anxiety. We would love to help you with your holiday events: office parties, sit-down dinners, glamorous galas, or themed events. We can feed parties of 50, 5,000, or anywhere in between.

Our experienced culinary staff is happy to take the stress out of your party planning so that you can focus on the most important part of your events: your guests. The holidays are often the only chance you get to spend time with some friends and colleagues. By placing the planning and execution of your event in the hands of Cotton, you are able to sustain those important relationships.

We will work with you to create a custom menu (even meals for those on special diets), then we will do all of the cooking, serving and cleaning up after! For those who want a more complete party-planning experience, Cotton can also manage furniture rentals and decorations, provide...

Cotton Culinary Emergency Food Service

Emergency Food Services are Key to a Recovery Plan

When an emergency happens, there are many moving pieces to juggle. Acquiring and serving food to those working around the clock is not always top-of-mind, but is one of the key ingredients to a successful recovery operation.

With more than two decades of experience in the disaster recovery industry, Cotton understands emergencies. Cotton Culinary efficiently integrates emergency food services when critical infrastructure and resources are not available. We have provided food support services in the midst of hurricanes, environmental mishaps and other natural and manmade incidents.

Cotton Culinary personnel hold various OSHA trade certifications, carry Transportation Worker Identification Credentials and are trained in the Incident Command System. We can support any size operation with temporary and mobile assets, including self-contained kitchen trucks, climate-controlled tent structures, and an impressive fleet of vehicles and equipment custom-designed for rugged environments.

Contact Cotton Culinary to have an emergency response plan tailored specifically for...

Cotton Culinary Event Caterers

Culinary Makes a Splash at #POCO18

Cotton Culinary was proud to be the official catering sponsor of the 2018 POCO Bueno Fishing Tournament in July, hosted annually by the Port O’Connor Offshore Association on Texas’ Gulf Coast. The culinary team provided more than 4,000 meals over the course of four days to all of the inshore and offshore anglers, tournament staff, vendors, attendees, and volunteers.

Our executive event catering chefs curated custom-themed menus for each of the four nights of the tournament. Cotton Culinary kicked off night one with Western fare that included a grilled beef filet and halibut. Night two was sure to satisfy all Southern cravings with homestyle fried chicken as the entreé! Chicken and beef fajitas were on the menu for the third night’s fiesta dinner. Finally, we closed the tournament weekend with savory BBQ smoked brisket, turkey breast, and sausage.

Cotton Culinary was honored to support an event on the Texas coast that carries such a rich history. Visit our...

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Three Unique Ways to Use Luncheon Catering Services

When you are planning an event during the lunch hour, you have limited time to make a good impression with the meal you provide while also accomplishing your meeting objectives. Many people remember events by the food that was served, and the choices that you offer can mean the difference between a mediocre experience or something that is memorable. Using professional catering services for your event can help you to ensure that everything will go just as planned. Here are some thoughtful ideas to consider when planning your next catered luncheon.

Provide an interactive experience

One unique way to make a catered luncheon a success is to offer an interactive experience for your guests. This involves letting your guests choose their own garnishes for their dishes rather than making the same dishes for everyone. For example, you might offer a pasta bar with a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces so guests can customize their dish. Meals made to order with portable cooking equipment are a popular option to consider.



Disaster Relief Food Services Begin with Our Mobile Kitchens

When a disaster strikes, relief workers band together to help those affected and provide for life's critical needs. From shelter to clothing to food and water, arrangements are made to take care of disaster survivors until they can rebuild their lives. The work of relief organizations is vital to recovering from a disaster, and caring for the workers is important so they can continue restoring communities.

That's where emergency food services enter into the picture. A fully equipped mobile kitchen takes the food where most needed. It allows talented cooks to prepare food for relief workers and disaster victims, while simultaneously providing the highest level of food safety. Cotton Culinary is equipped to deploy assets and offer assistance to those in need throughout affected areas, as witnessed by our relentless efforts bringing much needed food support to federal, state, and local government entities as well as first responders and tier one contractors.

What Do Emergency Food Services Bring to the Table?

Thinking about the aftermath of a...


Plan Ahead With Cotton Culinary!

In support of last year's hurricane recovery operations, Cotton Culinary prepared and served more than 130,000 meals, mobilizing catering assets across Texas and the Caribbean. Whether you're worried about an impending tropical storm, or the possibility of a lengthy power outage due to a natural or man-made disaster, planning for an emergency has become a part of daily life.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes the critical importance of nutrition in disaster relief areas, providing food to mass feeding sites and shelters in the wake of major natural disasters. But food distribution is just the first step in a lengthy process -- food must be prepared in a sanitary manner, and often in larger quantities than most people are accustomed to.

What Can I Expect from Incident Catering Services?

That's where an emergency food service company comes into action. Disaster relief catering is a lifesaving service provided by skilled personnel who are highly trained and...


Three Reasons To Make Nutrition A Priority With Oil Field Catering

One of the most important aspects of managing an oil field operation is making sure that worker productivity and morale remain high. An easy way to boost both productivity and morale is to provide nutritious meals on site for your workforce, as your bottom line depends on it. When workers are well nourished, your business will benefit in several ways.

1. Keeping workers well nourished increases productivity.

Nutritious meals give workers the sustained energy they need to do their best work. Poor nutrition or reliance on unhealthy snacks causes spikes and drops in energy levels, resulting in lower productivity. Good nutrition also improves workers' health overall, meaning less work time may be lost due to sick days. The best and easiest way to ensure that your workers are eating healthy foods is to use an experienced oil field catering service that understands both the needs of your business and the nutritional needs of your workers.

Improving nutrition is a good investment because it's a...

Workplace Breakfast Catering

Why You Should Get Breakfast Catering

For business managers and owners, increasing employee productivity is a major objective. While there are many ways to boost productivity, one of the easiest and most effective is ensuring that employees start the day with a healthy, meal. Although it is widely recognized that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a staggering 31 million Americans skip breakfast on a regular basis. Breakfast catering could help your employees be more productive for a number of key reasons.

Get Employees to Work Earlier

No matter what the business or the time of year, there can be a struggle to get all employees in the door and working right away. Some employees might show up late with a coffee in hand, and others might arrive on time but nibble their way through the morning with snacks. A significant portion of employees say that they sometimes arrive late to work because they stop to get breakfast on their way in. If you want your team to be on time and productive, consider providing them with a hot breakfast by way of breakfast catering. It incentivizes an...

Party Catering Services

Hire Cotton Culinary and Score a Touch Down at Your Next Sports Themed Party!

Impress Your Guests With Help From Cotton Culinary!

The days of stale chips, salsa out of a jar, and lukewarm beer are a thing of the past. Parties nowadays pull out all of the stops when it comes to food and flair, and your sporting event watch parties should be no exception! You too can wow your guests and go down in the history books as having one of the most epic parties for those big games. But how exactly do you get this done? How else do you win over a crowd - through their stomach of course! Whether it's the Winter Olympics, March Madness, or even the Masters, Cotton Culinary is the catering company to handle any and all of your themed sporting event catering needs. Let’s find out why.

Quality and Creativity of Food

Are your guests the spicy buffalo wings with blue cheese on the side type, or would they prefer an elegantly crafted crudite display? No matter the palate,...

Corporate Catering Services

Three Common Food Catering Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them

See three and learn more about Cotton Culinary's catering experts!

Inexperienced or amateur food caterers sometimes make one (or more) avoidable mistakes. These errors can ruin a lovely event, and take the focus off of your event's message. If you're searching for a catering company, you'll want to ensure that they avoid these three all-too-common errors:

1. Supplying too little (or too much) food

2. Inefficient preparation and cleanup

3. Poor communication with event planning personnel

Supply The Right Amount of Food

Supplying the right amount of food is critical to the success of your event. If your caterer skimps on serving quantities, guests may leave hungry, and you'll suffer the embarrassment of running out of food before the event is over. On the other hand, preparing too much food might cause the event to appear excessive and wasteful, and you'll end up spending money on food that goes uneaten.

Judging the correct amount of food to prepare for an event...

Fast Food vs. Business Lunch Catering

Fast Food vs. Business Dining: Which Is Better for Your Workers?

Are you giving your employees the fuel they need to power through the workday? See why you should invest in business dining services provided by Cotton Culinary.

Today's workforce is much different than what existed decades ago. Most work environments today are exceptionally fast-paced and chaotic. Providing business dining services for your employees can be yet another way you can demonstrate your care and compassion for the hard work they perform for your company. Choosing to utilize the services of a professional business dining caterer can provide your organization and employees with many benefits over the traditional fast-food lunches that workers have relied on in the past. Consider the following ways that business dining services can help boost morale and serve to provide a more productive work environment for all.

Benefits Offered by Cotton Culinary

Lunch break is about so much more than filling an empty stomach and providing energy to employees in order to continue with their day. The following are just a few of the rewards...

Thanksgiving Catering

Why Your Guests Will Be Thankful You Chose Cotton Culinary

Looking for a catering option for your next event? See why your guests will be thankful you chose Cotton Culinary

Whether you’re hosting a large corporate holiday party or an intimate lunch with your most important clients, Cotton Culinary brings delicious food, professional service, and creativity to each of our events. Read on to see a few reasons why your guests will be grateful to you for choosing Cotton Culinary’s catering services for your upcoming holiday events!

They’ll be thankful for the outstanding food.

Our professional chefs are true artisans. They never tire of experimenting with new flavors and use only the finest ingredients. From planning to preparation to final presentation and service, not a single detail in flavor or quality is overlooked.

They’ll be thankful for the creativity.

At Cotton Culinary, we listen. Your menu will feature unique choices that reflect your goals and desires for the occasion. Your guests will be grateful for the personal touch as well as the departure from the...

emergency food services

Drastic Times Call for Cotton Culinary's Emergency Food Services

Make sure you're prepared when disaster strikes. Learn more about Cotton Culinary's emergency food services.

While no one wants to imagine themselves in an emergency situation, it's important to create a plan for whenever disaster strikes. Food is one of the most important resources you'll need to provide for staff, emergency personnel, and people who have been affected by the disaster. Read on to learn more about how Cotton Culinary’s turnkey emergency food services can help in these drastic times.

Contact Cotton Culinary When Disaster Strikes

Hurricanes, environmental mishaps, and other natural and human-induced incidents will happen. When disaster strikes and emergency food services are required, let us be your first call to support recovery operations and put your business, community, or organization onto the road to recovery.

Full Emergency Response

At Cotton Culinary, we provide much more than just food. If a suitable dining...

First response catering

Cotton Culinary Doesn't Let Hurricane Harvey Slow Them Down

With over 65,000 meals served since Harvey's landfall, Cotton Culinary hasn't missed a beat

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Cotton Culinary wasted no time alleviating the food shortages that come from a disaster of this magnitude. Our Culinary team responded almost immediately to our clients who had suffered devastation along the Gulf Coast and has served over 65,000 meals (and counting).

When critical infrastructure and resources are not available, Cotton Culinary can respond to multiple events simultaneously. After conducting a quick assessment, Cotton can mobilize resources to an event on short notice to adhere to the fast-paced and dynamic demands of disaster situations. Cotton Culinary also takes special precautions to protect the life, health, and safety of those who are participating in the response efforts, utilizing our personnel who hold various trade certifications, and credentials.

Cotton Culinary can support any size operation in almost any given industry, with our temporary and mobile assets including self-contained kitchen trucks,...

emergency food services

Why Cotton Culinary is the Best Choice for Disaster Relief Food Services

When disaster strikes, local food resources may be compromised or unavailable - Count on Cotton to supplement this shortage

When a crisis strikes, it's imperative that the responders are experienced, caring professionals. Cotton Culinary has experience in providing emergency food services both throughout the United States, and internationally, for various disaster scenarios. Our team is caring and committed to helping businesses and communities during times of need, and we believe we're the best choice for disaster relief food services because of the diversity of our offerings, experience, and comprehensive turnkey solutions. Learn more about what sets us apart from other disaster relief catering companies.

Our Capabilities

The vast knowledge and solutions that Cotton Culinary can apply in the midst of various types of disasters ensures effective measures are taken to quickly establish operations in an affected area. By utilizing mobile assets that include a combination of self-contained kitchens, food storage trailers, transport...


5 Reasons Why Cotton Culinary Should Cater Your Next Event


When you host a corporate event, all the details are a reflection of your business, including the catering services. Regardless of whether the event is for your department, the entire company, or a client, the quality of the event will have a lasting impression on all who attend.

At Cotton Culinary, we are proud to be a leading catering company providing a wide variety of food services for corporate events, meetings, and more. Below are 5 of the many reasons to invest in quality catering and service at your next event, making Cotton Culinary a natural choice!

1. Five Star Staff

Our diverse team is equipped with executive level chefs trained in the culinary arts, utility chefs, wait staff, event coordinators and more who come from a variety of culinary backgrounds. The management team has more than 50 combined years of restaurant and catering business ownership, is versed in all aspects of the trade and capable of orchestrating events of all sizes. Our culinary professionals will create a unique and...

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Crawfish In The Snow!

At Cotton Culinary, we know that our clients expect the very best. Our corporate catering team is devoted to excellence, and we strive to go above and beyond for every event. This commitment to quality was seen at one of our most recent corporate catering events, where five hundred people gathered for a crawfish feast designed to thank their clients, employees, vendors, and partners. Read on to learn how Cotton Culinary made this corporate event a success!

The Menu

Our team of culinary experts planned a specialized menu to meet our client's needs. First, fifteen hundred pounds of fresh Louisiana crawfish were brought to the event in Denver, Colorado. Once there, our skilled chefs boiled them onsite using one of our mobile kitchen trailers so guests could enjoy piping hot crawfish and the lively atmosphere of a true crawfish boil. We also created a New Orleans-themed menu of pork sliders, boudin balls, jambalaya and bread pudding. It's safe to say that nobody left the...