Cotton Culinary offers specialized food catering services for professional
settings, social events, remote worksites and emergencies.


Professional Catering
Across the Country

Cotton Culinary offers remote, private, emergency and high-end corporate event catering. From professional chefs that have perfected our menu options to mobile kitchens and portable supplies that allow us to serve you at any location, our catering company easily elevates any event. Our specialty is providing excellent services that complement the atmosphere without distracting from it.


Book our culinary professionals for everything
from casual to upscale services for your events and workplaces.

Event Catering Services

Whether you require private, public or corporate event catering, we can provide your choice of meal in any outdoor or indoor venue as well as set-up, serving and cleaning services.

Business Dining

We’ll partner with you to create a sustainable cafeteria in your business that offers a variety of meal options for your employees. We’ll also advise you on your options about how to cover the cost of each meal.

Corporate Catering

Whether you’re celebrating your employees or entertaining clients and partners, we can create a custom menu and plan a corporate event that will exceed your expectations.


We’ll meet you at the construction site, wellsite or emergency location
to make sure your team has their nutritional needs met so they can get the job done.

Workforce Catering

Our kitchen trailers and trucks are perfect long or short-term solutions to provide safe, nutritious meals at your worksite. Our chefs, food and mobile kitchens have all the certifications expected of food catering companies, and we accommodate all dietary requirements.

Remote Site Catering

We offer a simple solution to feeding your crew when they are at a remote site by providing hot or cold meals to keep teams full, energized and in good spirits. Our professional services and menus can be adapted for any schedule and location.

Emergency Food Catering

We are able to mobilize a large number of kitchen trucks and other supporting vehicles to provide healthy, hearty meals to sites where normal kitchen functions are unavailable due to a natural or man-made disaster.


Serving You With Integrity

With our love for food, extensive experience and flexibility to serve you anywhere,
it’s easy to see why Cotton Culinary stands out from other catering companies.


Our chefs are held to the highest standards when it comes to preparing and serving food, and we ensure all employees are equipped with the training and certifications necessary for food catering companies. We stay accountable by encouraging all staff to be proactive and speak up without repercussions.

Trusted Catering
from Coast to Coast

Houston, TX

Known for its diverse food scene, Houston is the perfect place for our headquarters to call home.

Lake Charles, LA

Our team is proud to participate in the legendary Louisiana food scene and serve delectable dishes in Lake Charles.

New Orleans, LA

The Big Easy is known for its food, and we’re proud to continue this tradition in the meals we serve to the New Orleans community.

Panama City Beach, FL

The Cotton Culinary team is proud to provide emergency catering services to the Panama City Beach community.


Turnkey Solutions to Elevate Your Event

From researching vendors to finding the perfect decorations, A/V setup and more, planning an event is exhausting, so let our team of experts take the stress off your hands. We’re proud to offer turnkey solutions for any event needs, including but not limited to:

  • Tent Structures
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Air Conditioning
  • A/V Setups
  • Decor, From Florals to Ice Sculptures
  • Dance Floors

Talk to a Cotton Culinary representative today to get started planning the perfect event.




Reserve Grand Champion People’s Choice Award - RodeoUncorked! Best Bites Competition


People’s Choice Award - RodeoUncorked! Best Bites Competition


People’s Choice Award - RodeoUncorked! Best Bites Competition


Reserve Grand Champion People’s Choice Award - RodeoUncorked! Best Bites Competition

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