Cotton Culinary understands that each business is unique and has differing needs when it comes to its dining requirements. We are committed to developing a custom concept that meets the demands and goals surrounding food service within our clients’ unique facilities and environments. It is our customer-oriented mindset that allows us to work together on a viable, site-specific plan that sets each workplace apart.

From grab-and-go merchandisers to coffee bars, food courts and cafeterias, Cotton Culinary provides innovative and sustainable solutions for any work environment.


Cafeteria Management Services

The Cotton Culinary team is skilled in running day-to-day operations in cafeterias for everything from hospitals to corporate headquarters. Whenever we start a new project, we dig deep into the diner personas, what kinds of food they enjoy and any unique needs, like nutrition requirements for primary and secondary schools.

Subsidy Plans To Fit Your Company’s Budget

Running a corporate cafeteria is often a big investment, but your company doesn’t have to foot the bill all by itself. Cotton Culinary works with you to determine the right plan for your business’s unique needs. Do you want to fully subsidize your employees’ meals? Or would you like to pay a portion of each meal? Or would you prefer your employees cover the full cost of their meals?

Whatever option sounds like the best decision for your business, Cotton Culinary can help implement your ideal payment structure in our managed cafeterias and grab-and-go merchandisers.