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Our Guiding Safety Principles

  • Leadership - Demonstrated through high expectations, personal ownership, responsibility and accountability for HSE performance
  • Accountability - Displayed by each employee by complying with applicable federal, state and county/parish HSE regulations; employees will adhere to Cotton HSE policies & procedures
  • Performance - Promoted through positive interaction with people and our environment on a daily basis to achieve excellence
  • Excellence - Advanced through genuine care and compassion for our fellow humans and the environment leading to a strong safety culture
  • Culture - Fostered through interpersonal relationships, teamwork and common beliefs; communicated repeatedly, consistently and accurately

Our Mission

Cotton's HSE Mission is to promote and ensure workplace safety and health while reducing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. Cotton will achieve its Mission through various means, including inspections, consultation services, education and cooperation with regulatory agencies.


    Our Values

  • Integrity: We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, respect and the highest ethical standards.
  • Teamwork: We are dedicated to supporting and implementing a team-oriented work environment, ensuring cooperation, communication and professionalism.
  • Process: We will continuously challenge existing ideas and best management practices to provide high HSE standards in all of our operations.

Quality Food is in our DNA

The Quality Assurance Team at Cotton Culinary works hard to ensure a safe and enjoyable outcome for every catering job we complete. Our team members are experts in food safety and food handling practices, and they work around the clock to stay on top of the latest safety regulations and recalls to ensure we’re always delivering safe, healthy and high-quality meals.


Cotton Culinary’s HSE Commitment

Cotton’s HSE commitment to staff members is simple yet substantial. We will focus our resources and priorities to ensure Cotton maximizes our effectiveness in HSE by assuring:

  • No accidents at worksites
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to the environment
  • No damage to Cotton or customer assets

Cotton staff members shall have the RIGHT and the RESPONSIBILITY to STOP WORK without fear of reprisal for any activity that is considered to be an imminent danger (i.e. any condition or behavior that could reasonably be expected to cause death, serious injury or environmental harm). The Project Manager and HSE Department will be notified immediately.