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4 Ideas for Spring Event Catering Services

With flowers blooming once again and the arrival of warm, gentle storms, we know it can only mean one thing: spring has returned! Spring is one of our favorite seasons here at Cotton Culinary as it’s our opportunity to let our creativity blossom in colorful and tasty ways. From festive corporate picnics to spring holiday celebrations, there are endless possibilities for fun spring events.

Now is the time to book events and catering for the upcoming season. As you begin preparing for another exciting spring, consider the following tips from our events specialists on how to plan catering services for any kind of spring event.

Catering for Spring Corporate Events

As the weather warms and the sunshine returns, spring is a fantastic opportunity to bring your teams together for a wonderful spring gathering. Not only do outdoor events make for fun celebrations, but they are also an excellent way to build stronger teams by giving them time to socialize and build camaraderie with each other. Consider your guest list when crafting the menu for the day and make sure there’s something everyone can enjoy.

Catering for Graduation Events

The easiest way to elevate any graduation event this spring is to incorporate gourmet catering services for your honored graduates and their guests. Such a special occasion deserves an enhanced experience, so why not celebrate your graduates with a buffet line or a sweet dessert cart? Don’t forget to include something special for the graduates when you plan your culinary lineup.

Catering for Spring Weddings

What better way to celebrate love than with a beautiful spring wedding? Not only is the weather perfect for outdoor ceremonies, but the cuisines in season are also among the finest available. From delectable fruit and cheese plates to exquisite seasonal seafood, there are plenty of options when it comes to setting your menu for your romantic day. The warm weather also provides the perfect setting for a few personalized spring cocktails featuring all varieties of citrus and fruit.

Catering for Spring Holidays

From Easter to Memorial Day, there’s no shortage of holidays to celebrate every spring. For an occasion like Easter, you’ll want to stock up on finger foods or even consider a brunch service if you’re looking for a more robust dining experience. While Memorial Day is an important time to honor those brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country, it’s also an opportunity to break out the grill and bring the community together for old-fashioned classics like burgers, ribs and hot dogs. There’s no better way to honor those who’ve defended our freedom than celebrating it together.

Whatever you’re celebrating this spring, make sure you don’t celebrate hungry. Including catering services in your next spring event is a surefire way to guarantee you create a memorable experience for your guests that leaves them feeling impressed and satisfied. Take the stress out of planning your next spring gathering and call the experts at Cotton Culinary to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

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