7 Healthy Food Trends to Stock in Your Office

If there’s one incentive employees love, it’s free food. And when that food is nutritious and fresh, it keeps your team running at full capacity for the entire workday. But walking the line of healthy and tasty can be a challenge that office managers face every time they place a catering order.

The next time you’re ordering food for the office or planning a company event, keep these seven healthy trends in mind to ensure your employees leave satisfied.

Seaweed Superfoods

One of the fastest-growing food trends in 2023 also happens to be the fastest-growing crop on the planet! In fact, giant kelp can grow about 10-15 feet per week. But beyond the benefits for the Earth, seaweed is also rich in nutrients, like riboflavin, thiamin and magnesium, making it a healthy and tasty choice for your team.

Offices looking to appeal to health-conscious employees should consider serving up seaweed salads or chips, big bowls of miso soup or even sushi rolls.

Probiotic-Rich & Gut-Friendly Foods

As we learn more about the gut-brain connection and the impacts your microbiome can have on your mental and physical health, people are opting for probiotic-rich foods and drinks, like kimchi, kombucha, kefir and yogurt.

Stocking your office kitchen with plenty of gut-friendly options is sure to keep your team (and their microbiomes) happy and productive!

Mushroom-Centric Meals

Much like seaweed, mushrooms can have major benefits for both planetary and individual health, and people can’t seem to get enough of them. Whether used as a meat replacement in a vegetarian dish or as a source of umami in a soup or salad, there are infinite ways to help your employees have some fun with fungi.

Plant-Based Plates

With vegetarianism on the rise in the U.S., it’s more important than ever to offer plant-based options when feeding your team. While salads are a classic, they can be a little tired. Instead, opt for meals sporting meat alternatives, veggie-centric bowls with tofu or hand-crafted pastas.

Stacked Snacks

Gone are the days of stocking a workplace kitchen with basics like chips and candy. As people crave healthier and more filling options, many office managers are shopping for items like pickle snack packs, sprouted seeds, crunchy roasted beans, vegan protein bars and dried fruits.

Elevated Entrees

Sandwiches and salads are staples when it comes to office catering, and for good reason. They’re portable, nutritious and customizable. But they also have the potential to be a little boring. Skip the plain ham and cheese and opt instead for gourmet versions of the classics, like a slow-roasted brisket sandwich on marbled rye bread or chipotle chicken sliders.

Zero-Proof Happy Hours

Just because an event is nonalcoholic doesn’t mean it’s spiritless. Mocktails are gaining some major popularity, especially as bartenders use their experience in crafting custom drinks to take on the task. From fruity faux sangrias to zero-proof espresso martinis, you can bring the flavor and the fun to your employees without worrying about excluding anyone or creating potentially dangerous situations.

Keeping your team fed can be a full-time job, so trust in Cotton Culinary to handle it for you. Whether you’re looking for a catered lunch for a special event or daily business dining, we can deliver the freshest flavors to your office. Call us at 877-900-2986 or contact us today to get started.