Crawfish in the Snow!

At Cotton Culinary, we know that our clients expect the very best. Our corporate catering team is devoted to excellence, and we strive to go above and beyond for every event. This commitment to quality was seen at one of our most recent corporate catering events, where five hundred people gathered for a crawfish feast designed to thank their clients, employees, vendors, and partners. Read on to learn how Cotton Culinary made this corporate event a success!

The Menu

Our team of culinary experts planned a specialized menu to meet our client’s needs. First, fifteen hundred pounds of fresh Louisiana crawfish were brought to the event in Denver, Colorado. Once there, our skilled chefs boiled them onsite using one of our mobile kitchen trailers so guests could enjoy piping hot crawfish and the lively atmosphere of a true crawfish boil. We also created a New Orleans-themed menu of pork sliders, boudin balls, jambalaya and bread pudding. It’s safe to say that nobody left the event hungry!

Additional Services

Cotton Culinary worked through all phases of the event from creating a commemorative logo for souvenir cups, to setting up and tearing down tents needed for the guests’ comfort. We also took care of the parking lot rental, traffic control, restrooms, decorations, and even hired a band to add to the atmosphere, allowing our client to entertain their guests and not worry about the details.

Overcoming Mother Nature

Thanks to our proper planning and execution, the entire event was a success from start to finish. Our team’s experience allowed us to quickly shift gears when the weather changed from sunny and 60-degrees to rain, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures! Temporary facilities were set up to provide guests with a secure venue, protecting them from the inclement weather without causing a delay in scheduled activities.

Contact Cotton Culinary Today

At the conclusion of the event, our client was extremely pleased and thanked our team for their hard work, noting this was their best event to date! Cotton Culinary brings dedication, attention to detail and, of course, wonderfully delicious food to every corporate remote catering event we’re a part of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your next corporate event one to remember!