Disaster Relief Food Services Begin with Our Mobile Kitchens

When a disaster strikes, relief workers band together to help those affected and provide for life’s critical needs. From shelter to clothing to food and water, arrangements are made to take care of disaster survivors until they can rebuild their lives. The work of relief organizations is vital to recovering from a disaster, and caring for the workers is important so they can continue restoring communities.

That’s where emergency food services enter into the picture. A fully equipped mobile kitchen takes the food where most needed. It allows talented cooks to prepare food for relief workers and disaster victims, while simultaneously providing the highest level of food safety. Cotton Culinary is equipped to deploy assets and offer assistance to those in need throughout affected areas, as witnessed by our relentless efforts bringing much needed food support to federal, state, and local government entities as well as first responders and tier one contractors.

What Do Emergency Food Services Bring to the Table?

Thinking about the aftermath of a natural disaster isn’t the happiest thought one can have, and because of this maybe you’ve never considered how to feed aid workers responding in your area, or keep employees essential to recovery efforts from getting hungry. How would you cook the food? Could you ensure that all food items were kept sanitary? That everyone handling food was monitoring their hygiene? It might seem daunting.

Thankfully, there is a solution: A mobile kitchen. True to its name, this is a kitchen on wheels that can be taken anywhere that disaster strikes. There are many types of mobile kitchens, but all can be used to provide sustenance while maintaining high food safety standards.

More than just a place to cook, the mobile kitchens and command centers used for disaster response often include:

● Portable generators

● Commercial grade refrigerators and freezers

● Full HVAC systems

● Sinks with running water

● Showers

● Sanitary bathrooms

● Potable water storage

● Waste water containment facilities

Making an Impact with Incident Catering Services

Having a wide variety of food and hygiene facilities allows cooks to provide fresh and nutritious meals during disaster response situations. Utilizing a mobile kitchen is much more efficient than using outdoor consumer grills and other cooking devices that offer no protection against food contamination. After all, sanitary conditions are essential to recovery after a serious disaster.

At Cotton Culinary, we’re proud to offer comprehensive food and beverage support of disaster relief with professionalism and compassion. Our expert staff work hand-in-hand with official authorities, agencies, and contractors at all levels during catastrophic events providing relief services. Cotton Culinary’s focus is replenishing the workers, so they can focus on rebuilding efforts post-disaster. We’re here to answer all of your questions about food-related disaster contingency plans, and can provide emergency catering services for any crisis scenario.