Drastic Times Call for Cotton Culinary’s Emergency Food Services

Make sure you’re prepared when disaster strikes. Learn more about Cotton Culinary’s emergency food services.

While no one wants to imagine themselves in an emergency situation, it’s important to create a plan for whenever disaster strikes. Food is one of the most important resources you’ll need to provide for staff, emergency personnel, and people who have been affected by the disaster. Read on to learn more about how Cotton Culinary’s turnkey emergency food services can help in these drastic times.

Contact Cotton Culinary When Disaster Strikes

Hurricanes, environmental mishaps, and other natural and human-induced incidents will happen. When disaster strikes and emergency food services are required, let us be your first call to support recovery operations and put your business, community, or organization onto the road to recovery.

Full Emergency Response

At Cotton Culinary, we provide much more than just food. If a suitable dining area is not available, we can set up climate-controlled tent structures so people can dine in comfort, whether in extremely hot or cold environments. Other temporary resources, such as portable toilets and showers, potable water, power and fuel can also be provided for a self-sustainable operation. Our services can help those in need to feel more comfortable and safe, even in the toughest environments.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is highly trained in local, state, federal, and maritime regulations. When you hire us, you’ll be hiring team members who are ready and able to respond to help those affected recover. Besides their certifications, each member has experience working in the fast-paced environment that emergency response creates. Their credentials and expertise allow them to quickly and efficiently respond to those in need.

About Cotton Culinary

Cotton Culinary is a subsidiary of Cotton Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Katy, Texas. Cotton provides a wide range of services for emergency situations including construction, temporary housing and staffing, and much more. With regional offices and assets strategically located across North America, we’re ready to deploy to any location after a disaster incident. The Cotton brand of companies has over two decades of experience with disaster recovery, and extensive experience in situations like natural disasters, man-made crises and more.