Emergency Food Services Are Key to a Recovery Plan

When an emergency happens, there are many moving pieces to juggle. Acquiring and serving food to those working around the clock is not always top-of-mind, but is one of the key ingredients to a successful recovery operation.

With more than two decades of experience in the disaster recovery industry, Cotton understands emergencies. Cotton Culinary efficiently integrates emergency food services when critical infrastructure and resources are not available. We have provided food support services in the midst of hurricanes, environmental mishaps and other natural and manmade incidents.

Cotton Culinary personnel hold various OSHA trade certifications, carry Transportation Worker Identification Credentials and are trained in the Incident Command System. We can support any size operation with temporary and mobile assets, including self-contained kitchen trucks, climate-controlled tent structures, and an impressive fleet of vehicles and equipment custom-designed for rugged environments.

Contact Cotton Culinary to have an emergency response plan tailored specifically for your needs.