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Hire Cotton Culinary and Score a Touch Down at Your Next Sports Themed Party!

Impress Your Guests With Help From Cotton Culinary!

The days of stale chips, salsa out of a jar, and lukewarm beer are a thing of the past. Parties nowadays pull out all of the stops when it comes to food and flair, and your sporting event watch parties should be no exception! You too can wow your guests and go down in the history books as having one of the most epic parties for those big games. But how exactly do you get this done? How else do you win over a crowd – through their stomach of course! Whether it’s the Winter Olympics, March Madness, or even the Masters, Cotton Culinary is the catering company to handle any and all of your themed sporting event catering needs. Let’s find out why.

Quality and Creativity of Food

Are your guests the spicy buffalo wings with blue cheese on the side type, or would they prefer an elegantly crafted crudite display? No matter the palate, Cotton Culinary can cook up a menu to satisfy all of your guests. As the customer, you can have as much input in the menu as you’d like. Together with our world-class chefs, you can customize the food options, pairings, and overall feel of your party. Choose from a wide array of menu options to create the most delicious event your football loving friends have ever experienced.

Experienced Catering Services

Doesn’t it always happen that you burn the chicken, the ice maker breaks, and your high hopes for a grand cake end with nothing more than store bought cupcakes? For something as big as your next Super Bowl party, do you really want to risk having something go wrong? No! Hiring the right catering company with years of experience can rescue you from dining disasters at your guest’s expense. From food prep to set up, through the length of your party, Cotton Culinary’s years of experience can ensure your event goes off without a hitch with a flawless execution that will have your guests talking for months to come.

Enjoy Your Guests and the Game

Being the hostess with the mostest is nice and all, but does the host actually even enjoy the party? Running around fetching coasters, filling plates with second helpings, and cleaning up spills hardly leaves any room to catch up with friends or sample the cuisine, let alone time to watch the actual game. By choosing Cotton Culinary to cater your event, you can sit back and let someone else do the work for once. Cheer on your team, savor each dish, and build memories on the biggest sports day of the year.

No Prep Work, No Clean Up

Parties are a great idea at the start, but once you realize the prep work before the event, the running around during, and then the clean up after that it takes to pull off a great party, the idea’s brilliance begins to fade. Let someone else deal with the dirty dishes, the refills, and the dicing of hundreds of onions. Be a guest at your own event and leave your sports-themed catering work up to the professionals at Cotton Culinary.


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