How Cotton Culinary Coordinates an Emergency Catering Response

When a disaster happens, feeding your team or guests can often be overshadowed by other more immediate issues, like ongoing damage and safety concerns. But with over 25 years in the emergency response industry, the Cotton Companies can anticipate all your needs.

Discover how Cotton Culinary responds when we receive a request for emergency response food services.

1. Cotton Culinary Receives a Call

When our team gets a call, we’ll take down all of the relevant information and recommend customized solutions to meet your needs. We’ll discuss topics like how many people you need to feed and general schedules for a typical day of meals.

2. We Partner With Cotton Logistics for Supplementary Services

If necessary, we can work with our sister company, Cotton Logistics, to provide you with additional resources to help you as you recover. For example, if you don’t have a cafeteria setting for your team to eat their catered meals in, Cotton Logistics can set up a tent structure to keep the elements out while they enjoy their food.

3. We Survey the Emergency Site

After Cotton Culinary has received all the necessary info for the request, we have to determine the situational details so we can work around any hazards or outages from the disaster.

When a massive storm rolls through communities, Cotton has boots on the ground to provide immediate services and relief to those impacted, and they can provide us with the necessary situational details. If a disaster is more confined rather than community-wide, we can have a representative collect more information from relevant sources.

4. We Consult Our HSE Team

Safety is always our top priority at Cotton Culinary, so it’s an essential part of our workflow to consult with our HSE team. Using the collected info about the disaster site, they will develop a plan that allows our chefs to set up our kitchens and serve meals in a way that mitigates hazards and risks.

5. Our Teams Pack Our Mobile Kitchens

In the event of a community-wide disaster, it can be difficult to access fresh food and water, so our team will pack our mobile kitchens with the necessary ingredients to cook nutritious and satisfying meals.

6. Our Chefs Begin Serving Food

Once our mobile kitchens arrive at the site, our team will get to work cooking fresh, delectable meals to feed your team and keep you moving toward recovery.

If you need emergency food services, contact our team immediately at 281-712-9769 or by filling out a contact form on our website.