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How Cotton Culinary Creates Healthy Menus for Schools

At Cotton Culinary, we understand the importance of setting children up for success in the classroom and in life in general. To help achieve this goal, we develop balanced and nutritious meals to fuel students to take on the day and gain the most out of every class they attend.

Everyone knows nutrition plays an important role in our physical health, but are you aware that it also has a significant impact on our mental health, too? Have you ever tried to concentrate on a work project after a heavy meal but you just felt sleepy instead? That’s why a focus on healthy options within school meal programs is essential. When students don’t have the right fuel, their academic performance and attention spans tend to decrease.

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Children

We look to the food pyramid for inspiration when planning our school menus. We opt for fresh foods in our meals and include plenty of fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains for our young diners.

We also take extensive care to ensure our menus include options for children with allergies and dietary restrictions, so everyone has the opportunity to get a filling meal that meets their needs.

Making Healthy School Meals Delicious

Taking the time to develop healthy menus means nothing if the kids don’t want to eat the food. That’s why we focus on flavor in every element of our meals, from entrees to sides and drinks. We cook every item to perfection and add plenty of seasoning to ensure even the pickiest eater will enjoy their meal.

Students can expect delightful options like tuna salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread, herb-roasted chicken breasts, low-fat yogurt and fruit cups, coleslaw and house salads with freshly made dressings.

Focusing on Nutrition To Set Students Up for Success

Studies show that providing students with balanced, healthy meals at school results in children who are more physically fit and an overall “lower prevalence of childhood obesity.” And when kids practice healthy behaviors in their formative years, they’re more likely to carry these into their adult lives.

Therefore, it’s essential for schools to introduce their students to healthy habits at a young age.

Serving Up Selection on College Campuses

When most people hear “school lunches,” they tend to think of primary and secondary schools, but colleges and universities also provide students with meals, whether in dining halls or on-campus restaurants. A wide selection of healthy options will help young adults handle this unique transition period in their life and keep them focused on earning their degrees.

Temporary and Permanent Food Services for Every Type of School

Cotton Culinary has experience providing healthy meals for schools of all kinds, from elementary through universities, and our professional, uniformed staff can transform your existing culinary program with our custom tailored menus and services. Whether you have existing kitchen facilities you need help running or you would like us to design a culinary set-up within an existing building, we’re here to help.

We also can help out in the event of a disaster. If your school’s kitchen is damaged due to an emergency, we can bring our mobile kitchens to your campus and serve balanced meals so cafeteria services aren’t disrupted for your students.

Learn more about our culinary offerings, and call us today for a consultation at 281.712.9769.