Mobile Kitchens & Temporary Facilities for Disaster Relief

If you operate an essential business, you know that you can’t let anything stop your team from serving your community. And while you can’t prevent a hurricane or other storm from impacting your property and resources, you can partner with a support services company to mitigate any disaster-related roadblocks.

For example, feeding your team and guests is of the utmost importance during this time, but a lot more goes into that than just food. You also need a place for your team to eat and clean drinking water, both of which can be challenging to find in the aftermath of a storm.

Cotton Culinary and Cotton Logistics work together to bring a full suite of turnkey services to help you keep your community nourished, including:

Emergency Catering

Keeping your team fed when restaurants, grocery stores and other food service businesses are out of commission can be a challenge. Our team of culinary professionals can bring the food to you with our fleet of emergency mobile kitchens.

Safety is our top priority, so our personnel hold various OSHA trade certifications, carry Transportation Worker Identification credentials and are trained in the Incident Command System. Additionally, we adhere to all local, state, federal and maritime regulations, and our team members maintain proper personal protective equipment at all times while on the jobsite.

Potable Water

Access to safe drinking water is essential for keeping your team healthy after a storm, but contaminated water supplies and boil notices can make this difficult. The Cotton Logistics team can quickly transport tank trucks of potable water to your business after a hurricane.

Climate-Controlled Tent Structures

Your employees will need a safe, clean place to eat after a storm. The Cotton Logistics team can supply, configure and install multipurpose fabric buildings on your company’s behalf to serve as dining halls.

Portable Power

It’s near impossible to continue operating during a power outage. If a storm or other disaster leaves your business in the dark, our team can rapidly deploy portable generators to help you operate lights, fans, air conditioning and heating units, computers and more.

Hand Washing Stations

Protect your team’s health with portable hand washing stations. These are especially useful in high-traffic areas, like a temporary dining tent. Cotton Logistics can quickly source, configure and install mobile hand washing stations at an urgent pace in the most extreme environments.

Restroom Trailers

If you lose access to running water, our bathroom trailers can provide a safe, comfortable and climate-controlled place for your employees to use the restroom. We can park them outside a portable dining hall tent or your business so your team has easy access.

Working in conjunction with other Cotton divisions, Cotton Culinary can tailor an emergency response plan specifically for your business and property. When critical infrastructure and resources aren’t available, we can support any size operation with an extensive range of temporary assets and an impressive fleet of vehicles and equipment, custom-designed for rugged environments. Contact us today to learn more.