Plan Ahead with Cotton Culinary!

In support of last year’s hurricane recovery operations, Cotton Culinary prepared and served more than 130,000 meals, mobilizing catering assets across Texas and the Caribbean. Whether you’re worried about an impending tropical storm, or the possibility of a lengthy power outage due to a natural or man-made disaster, planning for an emergency has become a part of daily life.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes the critical importance of nutrition in disaster relief areas, providing food to mass feeding sites and shelters in the wake of major natural disasters. But food distribution is just the first step in a lengthy process — food must be prepared in a sanitary manner, and often in larger quantities than most people are accustomed to.

What Can I Expect from Incident Catering Services?

That’s where an emergency food service company comes into action. Disaster relief catering is a lifesaving service provided by skilled personnel who are highly trained and certified in food safety and emergency management basics.

Following a disaster, you may experience prolonged power outages or unsafe conditions, limiting your ability to prepare food. Cotton Culinary’s emergency catering solutions can be tailored for every unique challenge and operating environment. Along with mobile kitchen trucks and food transport vehicles, Cotton can provide other critical resources such as portable power, toilets, and showers.

According to health care professionals, connecting with other people and returning to your regular eating patterns as soon as possible are two of the best ways to avoid mental anguish and stress following a disaster. A temporary dining area for survivors can be set up, a place that serves both as a sanitary meal site and a community gathering place where survivors can seek support and camaraderie.

Who Benefits from Emergency Catering Services?

Emergency food provision planning is ideal in many settings, from assisted living homes to hospitals, schools, and other institutions. During a natural disaster, elderly, infirm, and low-income individuals often don’t have the capability to evacuate their home or hospital room, forcing them to ride out the hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster. This portion of the population is the most susceptible to malnutrition in the wake of an emergency.

If you’re the owner or a manager of a large company, you may also wish to plan ahead in case of a sudden disaster that occurs during working hours.

Having the name of a trusted disaster relief catering service on hand should be part of your company’s emergency preparedness plan.

A Trusted and Capable Partner In the Midst of Disaster

Cotton Culinary has been instrumental in the disaster recovery process for numerous clients and incident response scenarios through the provision of critical emergency food services. Their highly capable staff carry multiple certifications and are trained in FEMA’s Incident Command System, which focuses on the logistics and organization of disaster relief efforts. Contact Cotton Culinary today to have a trusted catering partner by your side and be prepared for the next disaster.