The Bahamas – Sweet Plantains – Holiday Recipe Series

Holiday Recipe Series curated by Cotton Culinary Executive Chef, Wade Schindler.

The next recipe in our international holiday series features sweet plantains from The Bahamas!

Even though they’re sweet, plantains are not a dessert. In the Caribbean, sweet plantains are enjoyed as a side dish to a savory entree and are usually accompanied by rice and beans. In this case, try pairing these with this delicious holiday ham or your favorite side dish.


  • 2 ripened plantains
  • 4 tbsp canola oil


1. Choose plantains that are ripened enough to sport brown spots, but not overly ripe. This indicates that the plantain is ripe enough to be sweet, but not so ripe that they fall apart.

2. Slice the plantains at a 45-degree angle along its length, each slice being about ¼-½ inch wide.

3. Heat the canola oil and add plantain slices, frying until golden brown and crispy on each side. Serve immediately. Enjoy!