Three Reasons to Make Nutrition a Priority with Oil Field Catering

One of the most important aspects of managing an oil field operation is making sure that worker productivity and morale remain high. An easy way to boost both productivity and morale is to provide nutritious meals on site for your workforce, as your bottom line depends on it. When workers are well nourished, your business will benefit in several ways.

1. Keeping workers well nourished increases productivity.

Nutritious meals give workers the sustained energy they need to do their best work. Poor nutrition or reliance on unhealthy snacks causes spikes and drops in energy levels, resulting in lower productivity. Good nutrition also improves workers’ health overall, meaning less work time may be lost due to sick days. The best and easiest way to ensure that your workers are eating healthy foods is to use an experienced oil field catering service that understands both the needs of your business and the nutritional needs of your workers.

Improving nutrition is a good investment because it’s a cost-effective way to increase worker productivity. If you haven’t been using a mobile food catering service at your oilfield site, contact Cotton Culinary to find out more about how easy it is to keep your workers adequately nourished on the job.

2. Healthy meals boost worker morale.

When workers have access to nourishing food during their work shifts, they feel good about their jobs and about where they work. Keeping workers happy by providing good meals is an effective way to boost morale, improve motivation, and decrease employee turnover. An experienced remote catering company knows how to meet all the logistical challenges of providing satisfying food at remote work sites.

Cotton Culinary serves hot and delicious meals that workers love. Their extensive experience providing food for oilfield job sites makes them a leader in the industry for oilfield catering.

3. Professionally prepared meals improve worker safety.

Safety is the most important consideration at a job site. You shouldn’t entrust the safety of your worker’s food to just anybody. Cotton Culinary, which specializes in remote job site catering, makes food safety a top priority. The certified catering staff comply with all regulations and requirements of your company, and always wear appropriate personal protective gear. Further Cotton Culinary’s remote site catering operation promotes safety by utilizing self-contained mobile kitchen trailers, meaning the food is brought to your workers. This eliminates the need for additional travel.

Cotton Culinary will work closely with you and your company to provide services that meet your company’s exact needs. Whatever the budget, location, work schedules, and nutritional needs of your workforce, Cotton Culinary will create a catering plan designed just for your job site. Our Remote Site Catering division has the experience and resources to provide the right foods at the right times, no matter how remote your site, while always making safety a top priority.

Contact Cotton Culinary today to find out more about how providing nutritious foods will help both your workers and your company thrive.