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Three Unique Ways to Use Luncheon Catering Services

When you are planning an event during the lunch hour, you have limited time to make a good impression with the meal you provide while also accomplishing your meeting objectives. Many people remember events by the food that was served, and the choices that you offer can mean the difference between a mediocre experience or something that is memorable. Using professional catering services for your event can help you to ensure that everything will go just as planned. Here are some thoughtful ideas to consider when planning your next catered luncheon.

Provide an interactive experience

One unique way to make a catered luncheon a success is to offer an interactive experience for your guests. This involves letting your guests choose their own garnishes for their dishes rather than making the same dishes for everyone. For example, you might offer a pasta bar with a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces so guests can customize their dish. Meals made to order with portable cooking equipment are a popular option to consider.

Ask your attendees for input

One common issue that event planners encounter is trying to choose a menu that everyone will enjoy. Different people may like different things, and you might have some attendees who follow unique diets. A good way for you to plan your menu items at your luncheon is to ask your guests what their preferences are. You can include a questionnaire in the invitation materials for your luncheon where your guests can tell you what they would like when they send their RSVPs. You can pass this information along to your catering services company so they can prepare a meal that satisfies the group.

Offer networking in a box

Many companies hope that their events will offer an opportunity for their attendees to network. However, people sometimes have a difficult time stepping outside of their comfort zones and opening up to others whom they don’t already have a relationship with. You can encourage your lunch guests to meet new people by offering networking in your catered lunch boxes. Instead of having individual meals packaged for your guests in individual boxes, you might offer lunches for five or six people in large picnic baskets. You can encourage your guests to sit together and share their meals from the baskets, helping them to get to know one another and to encourage conversations.

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To plan a successful luncheon, it is important for you to choose a professional catering services company that is creative and able to work within your budget. Cotton Culinary is capable of planning a terrific menu to suit groups of any size. Contact Cotton Culinary today to see how the Cotton Team can help make your next event a success.