Why Cotton Culinary Is the Best Choice for Disaster Relief Food Services

When disaster strikes, local food resources may be compromised or unavailable – Count on Cotton to supplement this shortage

When a crisis strikes, it’s imperative that the responders are experienced, caring professionals. Cotton Culinary has experience in providing emergency food services both throughout the United States, and internationally, for various disaster scenarios. Our team is caring and committed to helping businesses and communities during times of need, and we believe we’re the best choice for disaster relief food services because of the diversity of our offerings, experience, and comprehensive turnkey solutions. Learn more about what sets us apart from other disaster relief catering companies.

Our Capabilities

The vast knowledge and solutions that Cotton Culinary can apply in the midst of various types of disasters ensures effective measures are taken to quickly establish operations in an affected area. By utilizing mobile assets that include a combination of self-contained kitchens, food storage trailers, transport vehicles, temporary dining facilities, portable restrooms and other hygiene and sanitation facilities, Cotton Culinary can provide a full range of meal options and respond to multiple events, simultaneously. We work closely with our clients to enhance their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) through our culinary services.

All services are performed in compliance with strict health, safety, and environmental regulations and guidelines, giving our clients peace of mind during times of intense stress and loss.

Our Experience

Whether responding to a hurricane, tornado, environmental mishap or other disaster incident, natural or manmade, the Cotton Culinary team of professionals has the skills and training to work in extreme conditions. Our staff maintains food handler certifications, various OSHA Trade Certifications, Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, and are ICS certified under the National Incident Management System to work within all operational components of a complex disaster relief effort.

Cotton Culinary’s turnkey recovery and relief solutions can be applied in the most extreme conditions or remote geographic locations. From labor and project management to temporary basecamp setup, our work doesn’t stop in the kitchen.

Contact Cotton Culinary Today

Having been in the disaster recovery business for over two decades, Cotton understands quick reaction time and the need for innovative solutions without sacrificing quality. To save critical time following any disaster incident, we proactively work with our clients to tailor a unique emergency response plan specific to their needs. Be prepared for the unexpected, and contact Cotton Culinary today on our website to start building your contingency plan.